Beloved Benefit 2022 would not be a reality without the efforts of some of Atlanta's most outstanding advocates. Their support and work are making this year's event possible.


Arthur M. Blank

Dan T. Cathy

Host Committee Co-Chairs

Raphael Bostic and Jeffrey Taylor

Ann and Steve Cannon

Barbarella and René Diaz

Patrice and Ernest Greer

Yolanda and Dale E. Jones

Jenna and Graham Kelly

Dawn and Craig Menear

Alfredo Rivera and Maria Elena Barletta

Kristin and Derek Schiller

Monica and T. Dallas Smith

Tia and Gary Stokan

Fay Twersky and Jill Blair

Christopher C. Womack

Host Committee

Jeffrey Arnold

Karen and Ken Ashley

Jay Bailey

Justin Berman

Stephanie Blank

Ted Blum

Silvette and Rodney Bullard

Ben Bunyard

Millard Choate

Tony Conway

Shan and Eddie Cooper

Kristin and Clark Dean

Brendan Doherty

Nancy and Mike Doss

Derin B. Dickerson

Ed Fisher

Nikita and Anthony Flynn

Larry Gildersleve

Kevin Gooch

Dan Halpern

Venessa Harrison

Mike Hayford

Bob Hope

Joseph Handy

Claire and Glen Jackson

Chyna and Tharon Johnson

Al McRae

Brittany and Ryan Millsap

Bill Nordmark

Chuck Palmer

Palmer Proctor

Tai and Chris Roberson

Lovette and Michael Russell

Sylvia E. Russell

Lori and Steve Scherger

Jack Sawyer and Bill Torres

Gopi and Ivan Shammas

Lucy Carpenter Vance

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We are looking for leaders to join us who believe that as part of the Beloved Community we must return the generosity that was bestowed upon us.
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